Raiding - Not bored of it yet! Well... almost

Someone at work said to me "How can you still be doing heroic NH? It's so booooring!"

There are other ways to make it interesting, such as bringing in your alts if that's what you want to do! For me it's just pretending to DPS.

The good thing is that I do get to practice DPSing, and I do quite like that.

This week Kel/Vorkrack was excited because he was not only excited to raid, but he had brought stamina flasks to raid.

"I'm not going to die!" he said. "I've got stam flasks and Koda/Cosima will heal me!"

Cosima has shaman sympathy for our sacrificial Vorkrack-lamb as his dying on a fight and us getting legendaries is a ritual of sorts. However, he was more excited to come to mythic to see if he could die less, and Cosima was rather excited because she nabbed a DPS legendary before raid started - yes it wasn't a very GOOD one but it was still a legendary.

"I won't let you die, Kel," she said. "I've got my legendary so you don't need to die anymore."
"What about the rest of us!" said Ram. "That's so selfish, Koda!"

Koda was rewarded for her good heartedness in raid because not only did she score some nice 920 titanforged shoulders but she also got titanforged tier!

People seem quite content doing easy mythics so we are just sticking to the first 3 and calling the raid.

However, I had to drag my ass around wondering what to do for Sunday. People seemed keen to do normal NH still so we did that, and we still had 16 peeps turn up, so I guess there is still interest to do it (if not just for legendaries). There were some 895 drops still (why can't they drop on heroic!) so at least some people got some upgrades. We did a few achievements for Ram/Gen and Tri and they were easyish so that wasn't so bad.

I am still doing it for AP, and trudging my way slowly through Concordance. Ugh, when you see that you need 1000 million (is that a billion? Why isn't 1 million million a billion? Wait, it used to be in English but those Americans made it 1000 million) AP for it, it just seems like a HUUUUUGE number! We're all approaching 40 AK so soon this is as fast as we're ever going to earn AP.

Can't wait for TOS!