Raiding - Goodbye Nighthold!

The last week we will do heroic and mythic nighthold, yay!

The raiding roster is filling up. Cowboy (Vexil) now wants to raid on his paladin - like there aren't enough paladins already. I suppose Kjersten and Triarchi are not full timers so essentially it's just Moisty and Vexil as full time pallies. I don't mind, more pallies, more buffs. Yay for healers :D

It's definitely official. Eurie has replaced Vorkrack as the sacrificial lamb for legendaries. She died and Consti got a legendary.

It was a good time to test how we were going with the changes in patch 7.2.5. From a druid point of view, our healing spells were nerfed by 4%, but on the plus side our damage in resto was increased by 25%. So I can be even more lazy now and DPS when I should be healing. Cosima changed her stats and shifted to mastery heavy instead of crit and she is now whooping my ass in healing. I'm not going to waste my mana trying to keep up, but I'm glad she changed it. Kinry was our other healer, and I'm hoping he gets his disc up a bit. Ram and Gen were sick so I couldn't compare Ram's healing to the others.

Paladins were sad when their DPS was being simmed at the bottom of DPS. I just rolled my eyes and said that at least that was a good excuse for them if they didn't perform well, and if they were mid pack to high then at least that should be a plus. Nobody seems to see it that way though.

Ask Mr Robot was being a pain in the ass so I left loot as personal and let people sort it out for themselves. At least there was loot sharing, which I was pleased about.

Now, the interesting thing is... how many people are going to whinge about "Why are we doing Heroic and not doing normal first?" This broken record goes around and around every bloody tier. We've only been doing it for 3 expansions now. I'll just have to take a deep breath and calmly explain that this is how we have always done it, and people will learn better doing it on heroic, and we will do normal on Sunday.

Now... it's time to rewrite the raid requirements! Something to do when I'm on call this weekend and stuck at work!


  1. Good luck in the new raid, I'll be following your adventures.

    1. Then I'd better make them good stories :D

  2. good luck. ill be you're cheer leader. apparently i have the legs for it :P


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