Raiding - First look in Tomb of Sargeras

Due to work, I was unable to attend the first raid on Wednesday into Tomb of Sargeras! GRRR!

However, Wednesday had the usual server restart right in the middle of raid. But Frostwolves at least got to get at least 2 bosses down - and they managed to take guild kill pics too! I was so proud!

But here's the kicker. So I attend raid on Thursday, we get Harjartan and I FORGOT TO TAKE A GUILD KILL PICTURE. OH MY GOD :(

After that we spent time doing Mistress Sassz'ine, which is an interesting fight and we're just getting the hang of it, so hopefully we'll get further than that on Monday.

The turnout was impressive - with 26 people on Wednesday, missing me and Kjersten. We are reaching capacity with raiding, and this Sunday we'll just have heroic raiders there since it's all new, and next week we'll have the casual raiders attending.

It's really fun to be raiding something new again. The vibe in the raid seemed good, though a bit more chaotic than when Xyn was doing it as everyone seems to be putting a little bit in, but it's not in a terribad way. Just some are not used to it and I think it's not particularly bad to have suggestions thrown in but the ultimate decisions to be made by one or two people. I like Ram's speaking voice, he's always so calm, but I worry that the others drown him out a bit, but at least Kinry was happy listening to Ram telling him what to do.

Maybe on Sunday night I can take a picture of normal Harjartan and pretend THAT was a kill pic. I'll do it, but I'll know it wasn't a real pic!


  1. Aww, I shall pretend it was the kill pic with you! Not to worry :)

    Great screenshots, how old school to watch kill shots like that, certainly brings me back. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. They seem totally legit to me! :D


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