Prestige 13 - Floor Thirteen

Now at least at Prestige 13 you get a another pretty pony!

I have actually been enjoying doing PvP as boomkin. I'm not very GOOD, mind you, but at least I can get some killing blows so I can work on my rep with my Marks of Prey.

I do wonder why they called this achievement Floor Thirteen. Is it because of this old video game?

Apparently in this game you run around behaving dishonourably, by ordering assassinations, spreading disinformation and doing all sorts of House of Cards type stuff. Hmph, are they implying that killing the opposing faction is somehow not honourable? LOL

Anyway here is my pretty blue pony. Look, its horn is all blue and AZURE-Y. And it's fetlocks too!


  1. Congratulations! I'm still at Prestige level 1...One day!

    That thing looks beautiful :)

  2. Grats Nav, nice Unipony ;-)

    1. My little pony, I love my little pony...


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