Minipost: PvP Brawl - The lagfest that is Southshore vs Tarren Mill

People talk about the good old days when the Southshore vs Tarren Mill was a thing, but I don't remember doing it. Maybe I did it once. But when the event came out during the 10th anniversary, it was a massive long ass fight!

This time they've tuned it to be a little quicker and the strat is still the same (ie don't go chasing them on your own, don't go into town else you'll engage the NPCs, don't give them free kills by running into the alliance packs!) but the drawback this time is the god-awful lag.

There were so many times I felt like my character was frozen casting an instant. I wasn't the only one. I am glad to say that I won the BG so I didn't have to go back in there again.

Looking at the forums, lots of people complaining there aren't many alliance. As in it would be full horde but much reduced numbers of alliance. It wasn't just the forums though. Ding was also in a brawl with hardly any alliance but I think he managed to finish it in the end. 

So far, out of the brawls I think my favourite would be the Eye of the Storm gravity one. Behind that I didn't mind the Snowy Arathi basin, or the basketball dunking in Deepwind. I think this would be my least favourite. The warsong triple cap was different but I didn't LOVE it. I wonder what they'll be thinking up for Silvershard mines!