Microholiday - Boat Day

On Wednesday, Tacky reminded me to do Boat Day. Oh yeah, I said, I'll do it later. Thursday rolled around and I had totally forgotten to do it. Now it was Friday and it was 3pm in the afternoon and I thought oh crap the boat thing finishes at 6pm!

I finished work at 530pm and I logged on so I could get down to Thousand needles. I was a bit confused. Where do I get started?

I at first didn't realise where to start the quest. I was flying aimlessly around Thousand Needles wondering where to go. I googled, I went to Wowhead, and time was ticking.

Right! I had to find this guy on the far side. Good talked to him and now I have to do a bunch of miniquests to get bits to build a ship.

Cool, I get a boat to use for the day!

One of the boats had a beach ball to kick around. I kicked and caught it a few times, wondering what am I supposed to do here? Oh my gosh, it's 545pm. Need to get moving.

Ok killing these dudes on the ships. I can do that. Oh, now I have to bounce the ball 10 times. Great, I have no mouse at the moment, this will be fun. Using my keyboard and track pad to run around bouncing this beach ball. Luckily it's slow, and BIG.

Ok, now I have to fish up some junk. Oh look, waxy reeds! I need that to build my boat. Ok, finished all my quests... time to build my boat. Wait! What am I missing?? Tar!

How the hell do I find tar? It's 550pm and I'm flying around like crazy wondering where I get it from. I'm on Wowhead, I'm flying around... what submarine? There's a submarine I'm supposed to follow? OMG It's 551pm. HELP!

I'm yelling in guild chat and Spanky said there's a big submarine circling the middle. Behind it will be fish covered in tar, or some pools to fish up tar. WHAT SUBMARINE! I yell, in guild chat. I can't see no submarine!

Wait.. oh my god, I see it and it's HUGE. How did I miss this massive vehicle? Yay, there are fish to click and pools to fish. A bit of a glitch as my boat won't show up, nor will my fish artifact let me walk on water to fish, so I waste another minute trying to fix that.

Eeep it's 556pm and I still need 5 more tar!

Yay! All done! Time to build this boat!

Yes, I know there are no achievements, no mounts, pets or toys associated with this little micro holiday. It was just a little fun thing to do. So I got a fast boat for 1 week to play with, as a little reminder, and also all these pictures to remind me of the frantic race I had with myself to finish all the things off before the holiday ended at 6pm. Don't do it unless you have time to waste! 


  1. What a rush, awesome you made it :) I know! This was one micro holiday that could keep us busy for longer than the others - I didnt have time to do it myself, but it sure looks fun, especially the boat buff you get :)

    1. I should take some pics with the boat before it runs out - it may already have run out!

    2. Aww, yeah? Fingers crossed it has not. It looks awesome at night too :)


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