How the hell did people figure out this Riddler's Mind Worm?

I read the World of Warcraft article Riddle Me This: An Inside Look at the Riddle of the Mind Seekers and was amazed at the problem solving these guys did to be able to let us all get this mount!

That first clue from Legerdemain Lounge (who would have seen that!) on the shelf gives that tiny clue that refers to the cosmology chart from the Warcraft Chronicle:

The Digital ISBN of my book is 978-1-63008-565-0. The official ISBN is 978-1616558451. So the official ISBN actually has the page numbers of the first few clues!

So this clue they said was the intersection on the cosmology chart of water, spirit and reality - which is the Emerald dream. And next to the portal to the Emerald dream (or the entrance to Dreamgrove if you're a druid) in Duskwood was the next page on the table. I am amazed nobody was searching Moonglade!

Well, that's Ragnaros. So interestingly it's NOT at the first time he fell (in Molten Core) but in Firelands.

If you look in the Chronicle on page 38/39 there is this picture of the Black Empire. Where Al'Akir (wind) meets C'thun (Eye) at the mouth of the river meting the sea is where you find the next page.

God, this is a cryptic crossword! So according to the post, the plume (Un'goro's Volcanic plume), the Tomb (Y'shaarj's Vault in Vale), the scarab moon (Ahn'Qiraj which is full of scarabs). The map of Ordered Azeroth is on page 48/49 of the Chronicle. Draw a line between these points and it forms an arrow pointing at the Vault of Y'shaarj in the Vale of Eternal blossoms. I've drawn it for you but man, that's so vague. And there it is hiding on the floor of the Sha of Pride's room. You don't actually have to kill the Sha to get the page but you might as well.

In the Chronicle on page 80/81 is a map of the Aftermath of the Aqir and Troll War. The snow refers to Ulduar, sand is Uldum and stone is Uldaman. The Well of Eternity is in the middle of the triangle joining those 3 points. Though, there are a hell of a lot of things contained within that triangle, but Well of Eternity is where the next page was at.

So right next to the Well of Eternity (in the CoT dungeon) is the page. I laughed because Aimei was so blase about the stealthing around at the start with Illidan that he died a few times...

On page 88 of the Chronicle is a picture of Lei Shen fighting Xu'en. The statues are standing there, unblinking watching the battle. And at the base of one of these statues outside the Shado-Pan Monastery is the page.

Oops I forgot to take a picture of the page clue, which says "... bejeweled watcher..." On page 90 of the Chronicle is a picture of jewelled watchers standing guard at the Halls of Origination in Uldum. At the base of one of these watcher statues is the page.

Where are the best sunsets and moon views in Azeroth? They are at Westfall lighthouse and on the coast of Westfall was the last spot.. but where! On page 112/113 is a map of the Sundered World. When you draw a line from the compass east point to the coast of Westfall, that is where you'll find the box!

How a giant mount fits in that tiny box is beyond me. I guess they did say that it was a sinister worm with an otherwordly plane of existence. The mount itself undulates like the dragon mounts in Pandaria so it wouldn't be my favourite mode of transport...

So some tips if you're doing this:

  • Don't spread it over a few days. HK and I came back later to do it a week later after finding the first 2 pages and couldn't find the Ragnaros one. So we had to start it all over again and this time did it all in one night. I am not sure if there is a time limit on clicking those pages. It can be done in less than 2 hours (even at my slow pace)
  • Wowhead post comments are very helpful! Go check it out here.
  • Immerseus in Siege of Orgrimmar is very slow. At least bring a toon that can do some sort of heal to make it a bit faster.
Hats off to all those guys who solved this. I think that it's great to have these sorts of hidden puzzle things in game! I just wish I was smart enough to figure it out instead of having to rely on everyone else to solve it for me. Thanks to Wowpedia for having all the images from the Warcraft Chronicle so I could use them in this post.


  1. Hey :)

    What a great trip, thank you for writing it and for the lovely screenshots to go along; it must have taken a while to put this post together :)

    Aw why do comments not work? I shall test. Testing, going once...;)

    Do not be sad. *Hug*

    I´ve not idea how people figured that out either! Gosh. The amount of time that they must have spent on it! I wish I was smart enough too, there must be something great about discovering things like that all on your own.

    PS. Hmmm, I do get an error when trying to post saying "Your OPENID- legit something was not confirmed"

    1. Thank you for visiting Alunaria! It feels a bit like cheating when we just look up how to do it after someone else has done all the hard work (eg pet battles) but I think if I had helped figure it out just the knowledge that you did is reward enough.

  2. Aw, you're welcome, I enjoy your site, just diving in :)

    Yeah, indeed, I think so too.

    It would be awesome if there was someone in between with too much time on their hands, that would write a guide and just give a few more hints on it, so those of us, who do not excel at figuring out these riddles, could still feel as if we find out on our own.

    Like, a zone, could be an additional hint :)


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