Guildleader Chores - You can only have 1000 toons in a guild? Darn it!

I am always saying my little guild but in fact it's a big guild. I had a whisper from two friends from another server - Icecoffee and Spankyhunter - who were thinking of coming over from to join our little guild (see, I did it again!) and when I went to look at the guild list I noticed we had 930 characters in the guild!

Now obviously, there are a lot of alts. And there are a ton of people who haven't logged on in 3 years. And more who don't play anymore.

And then... there are my dead friends.

So I was cleaning up the list removing people whom I haven't seen login for 3 years - many of which are just socials who never played again trying to get the list down to 900. I looked at Luxy and Xyn and all their alts and I was sad.

"I know that they will never play the game again," I wrote in guild chat. "But I can't remove them from the guild. I'm sad."

"Don't remove them," said Koda. "They are family. They will always be part of this guild and this was their home."

And she was right. I can't remove them. This was where they loved to be. This was where their friends were. We see their toons and it reminds us of them, so we will never forget them and the great times we had.

So they moved over during raid yesterday, and Spanky was saying how much he liked it here because he had made 80k already. Maybe I should get him to sell my guild BoEs on the AH for me!
With 2 more PvPers in the guild maybe I can get this guild RBG thing happening!

I do admit, Coffee made me laugh. She originally said "What is the achievement rating required to get into your guild?" Now of course we have no such thing. What I SHOULD have said was "As long as you aren't beating me, it's all good!"

Well... it turns out Coffee has more achievement points than me, account wide. Fortunately it's not on her hunter, so technically I can still sit at the #1 spot for achieves in the guild. And with Armory busted for guild viewing, I don't have to look at her hogging that top spot for a little while yet ;P


  1. Aw, I imagine the feeling you must have gotten. Good call by Koda.

    Hah, oh those Achievement hunters, hehe.

    If you are the ruler of achievements, which one are you aiming for next then? :)

    Congrats on the nice expansion of the guild, as well as a needed trimming at the same time :)

  2. its always tough when cleaning out the guild list. i used to hate doing it but ended up setting a rule. if no login or contact for 12months then i would remove alts first then after 2 years or next expansion then the main.

    i had a separate rank for those we had lost. In Memory. thats where they lived on

    glad you let us in to your home :-)


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