Tired of reading my achievements? How about reading about my failures!

I am breaking my vow of silence and I am going to talk about some of my more embarrassing failures. It wasn't ME who wanted me to keep it silent, it was the other people in my group. I like talking about when I make embarrassing mistakes or play like an idiot. After all, if I just talk about my achievements all the time, people may get the wrong idea and think I am some sort of amazing.

My most embarrassing and least mentioned failures are in mythic plus dungeons.

The week after 7.2 landed I went in and did a +9 Cathedral of Eternal Night. I had done it on mythic so I had a vague idea of the mechanics. So, crazy me one night at 1am thought it would be a great idea to go do a +9 CoEN before bed. I went with a tank and 3 melee.

Boy was that a dumb move.

It was also the week where we had Grievous/Bolstering and that was a bit rough too. In fact, that week was where I had to give up on a Mythic plus but I'll get to that later.

So the failure with this dungeon was that it took me 2 hours to complete a +9 CoEN. It was the first time I had done it as a M+ and it was brutal!

We wiped on the first boss a LOT. The tank kept dying to the black lasher add that fixates on the tank, and with all the adds coming in fixated on each raid member, it was difficult for melee to get out and hit them without the add exploding on them. We did find that you could run close to the add and out again quickly and the add would stop then explode. Useful if you were fast, not so useful if you got caught.

After what seemed like an eternity, that boss finally went down - well after the timer had expired. I can't remember what the other bosses were like because I only remember the first boss, but we did have a few wipes on the second last boss too, because Shivarra adds would keep kicking us out of the shield area. By the time we finished we were all exhausted and we said we would never speak of that dungeon ever again.

Since then the dungeon has become a bit easier I think (or perhaps I am more familiar with it) and I have done it as a 14 since (but hope to improve that since I didn't make the timer).

Monday night is my other day for Mythic plus with guildies where we try and find keys to do. I promised 2 guildies we would get a 10 for them but the only keys we had were a 13 DHT, 14 VoW and an 11 Lower Kara. Perhaps we should have done the 13 DHT but we ended up doing the 11 Kara. I have only done it once or twice as a mythic plus and never as a DPS, and none of the others had done it before. I even dragged a reluctant shy healer along and made them heal which meant that I had to DPS. Ugh.

So the embarrassing part is that we didn't know the mechanics of the fight and we died MANY times to the first boss which was Opera. It was so lame that the others were thinking of giving it up, but even HK thought we could do it, because we were getting better each time. I was more concerned because Kjersten told me that Moroes was horrible and I thought OMG if this is bad, what's Attumen going to be like, or Moroes? We might not be able to finish coz of those bosses!

It was more a case of not knowing the mechanics of the fight rather than anything else. The broom kept getting kited through fire so it would go crazy and start hitting hard. We would forget to interrupt the Kobold and his fire thingy. Drenched people forgot to put out fires. We didn't realise that the adds went back to full health after one died! And we also forgot to use lust but it was just as well because we didn't know how the fight was going anyway. It's mostly embarrassing because people would say how can you die to Kara it's so EASY.

But slowly steadily we got it done and we still had a bit of time left on the timer. Not much though. We weren't going to beat it anytime soon.

One particularly stupid moment I had was whilst we were making our way towards Maiden, when HK was hopped up on the ledge near the adds that do flashlight (and you have to look away) to avoid pulling other adds. I didn't hop up on the ledge and pulled a whole heap of other adds and wiped us. We were already frazzled after the opera thing and that made HK more mad at me.

Maiden took a few goes but the mechanics of it were simple so we weren't hugely worried about it, just trying to figure out what was easiest. Last time HK did it we kited around the edges - this time he tanked it in the middle. It was actually a lot better doing the middle strat because since the DPS were all spread out they weren't all taking crazy damage due to proximity.

Then we were onto Attumen and I was worried but it was mostly because I never did mechanics properly. Stacking up on the tank was important to share that nasty meteor type effect, and also dispelling the person with the ghosty horse on them was important too. I didn't realise that only ONE person got the ghosty horse, but the debuff shows on everyone else. Dispelling the person with the ghosty horse would get the debuff off everyone else. Dodging the line of horses wasn't so bad and everyone was good at that. Also only a few goes to get that down.

Then onto Moroes which I was freaking out about. I thought perhaps you had to CC them in a special order like we used to do when Kara was a 10 man - because the priests and pally would dispel the traps on the others so you would have to have them cc'd first or constantly interrupted. But we had enough traps and cc's to control 3 of the adds and DPS down the other and I remember asking how to put the trap, not realising the trap would get thrown as soon as I clicked it and start the encounter. The first go we had we wiped because the fight went on too long (and guess what, we forgot to lust) but the next time was OK and we got it when we used lust. 

So! Another 2 hour dungeon. Geez!

The good thing was that everyone was happy to have it done and felt they learned something. Next time, we'll be better!