Sunday raiding - Old raids with a twist!

So the scheduled fight was mythic Blackhand but I totally forgot that we hadn't done it for ages I hadn't done the quest near Iron Maidens so we could get the skip, so we ended up having to do a full clear of mythic BRF.

Fortunately it's a cakewalk with 17 people. And it didn't take long at all because pretty much every boss fell over. Blast Furnace took a while but we got that down without too much trouble, and even not doing the priest mind control wasn't that bad.

Blackhand fell over as fell through the floor after 2nd phase and boom achievement spam!

So off we went to Orgrimmar to go buy our Blacksteel Battleboar - which is the reward for the guild achievement of Guild Glory of the Draenor Raider. And take a picture!

So now THIS was the funny thing that Aza told me.

The guild that originally go the server first Mythic Blackhand kill was Lotion, which recently disbanded. And because we did Blackhand as a guild, apparently there was announcement across server saying Realm First Mythic Blackhand.

Now THAT is weird.

There were some grats in trade chat when we spammed the world. Funny but embarrassing! I wish I had a screenshot of that, but I'll just have to take their word for it.


  1. Grats :)
    In a funny coincidence our guild went and did that achievement this week too. We had time left over after running through our heroic clear of NH on Thursday.
    New mounts are great (even if they aren't the prettiest mounts)

    1. And Grats to you too Z! :) Yes it's an ugly mount. But at least it's something the guild did together :)

  2. How wonderful for the guild =D


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