Resto legendary number 8 - and I think I don't want the other two!

Last Sunday, Fox was on his priest and got Velen's Future Sight. I had set my loot to balance for the last few weeks (since I got my other resto legendary in April) and had gotten some bracers for boomy. But I wanted that trinket so I thought I might as well go back to resto loot and see if I get lucky. Knowing my luck I'll get the ironbark and the lifebloom crappy legendaries before I get Velen's.

But on Monday morning when I was doing some rated BG pugs I actually got a legendary! AND I got a pattern too! Yes, I happened to win that BG.

That was pretty cool. It's annoying how that 3 star tailoring pattern only drops from rated BGs so I thought I'd see if I could get lucky. Clearly I used all my luck that game because I got a legendary and the pattern. Whee!

So, that's 8/10 Resto legendaries. I'm not going for the other two resto legendaries so I can happily switch to balance loot and see if I can get something for my crappy offspec.

10 legendaries so far! I wonder, when will number 11 come? I think maybe mid June!


  1. Grats!
    That is a lot of legendary pieces to be sure. Do you use the Outfit option to swap sets for circumstances?
    My latest legendary was from the over-exalted rep cache!

    1. I do for some pieces, but only in Mythic plus - in raid I have heaps of time to swap gear around. I don't think I've gotten an overexlted rep cache legendary yet - maybe my next one :D

  2. congrats :) (though I'm crying a little inside).. Velens is such a lovely trinket especially for a resto druid.
    Do you have the shoulders to pair up with it?

    1. I do - though I am wondering if I should now go for the lifebloom belt since everyone seems to be wearing it lately!


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