Raiding - Only because there was nothing better to do

I thought we might try for fun a bit of mythic. People might need something a little more challenging but not super time consuming so we can all still get down and play our alts.

I put it in the MotD that we might try a little bit of Mythic Skorp because everyone keeps telling me it is easy.

Wednesday we ran out of time because we were stuffing around a bit and had tons of alts - I was sad because a few people were interested in trying mythic. But, we ended up not doing it on Wednesday. So I decided to try it for Thursday. I put a few easy things first, like Heroic EN and TOV before we tried to hit up mythic, and HK argued with me about it.

"If you put this boring stuff up, people are not going to logon and come," he said.
"I don't want to wipe for 2 hours on stuff and not get anything," I said. "At least if we do this easy stuff we can warm up and walk out with some AP or something."

We've decided to agree to disagree.

So after wiping on Helya because of goofing around (and it's been a while since we wiped to anything!) we knuckled down and killed it leaving 50 minutes to have a go at Mythic Nighthold.

Consti, for all his constant chattering seemed to have quite clear instructions for Skorp. It was helpful and for everyone who was nervous about doing Mythic it turned out to be quite fun in the end, especially when the fight went down in about 7 minutes. I was a bit confused about the colours but once it was explained and called out for us it was easy. We had one stuff up when there weren't many shards to hide behind and lots of us got knocked back and we had to deal with a whole bunch of scorpions, but we managed to recover nicely. Everyone was quite excited about our first mythic kill, even though it was a very easy mythic. HK got a nice trinket (which added a 750k health to him so he was feeling rather godly)

Didn't leave us much time for Chromatic Anomaly but we will need some adjustments to healer cooldowns to do it better.

I don't think we will try to push more than just the first 3. I still want to have time for all my mythic plus runs on Saturdays and Mondays and keep some fun stuff going for Wednesday and Thursday. Looking forward to next week now!


  1. Awesome work :) Glad you guys all had fun. The first 3 are good on mythic :)

    1. Thanks Z! We probably won't do much because trying to keep it low key and fun so we can do other things but at least it's slightly stimulating!


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