PvP - Oh what a night!

Last Friday was a GREAT night for PvP!

We had a full group doing BGs and we won every single game. Weave was doing flag carrying for the FC BGs, and I got to DPS a bit so I could get a few Marks of Prey. There was one WSG where everyone had a nice transmog and overall, last night everyone was very polite in the BGs that we did! They said hi, they commented on nice mogs, and I don't know if that was the reason why we won all those games.
One of the DKs looking rather mogworthy
We absolutely caned one of the Eye of the Storms - the whole alliance team went mid and our team had a few on towers so we managed to hold them off while we four capped them. That was fun. And surprising!

The Silvershard mines went quite well with people cooperating and moving nicely between carts. Nothing too ambitious!

The two WSGs went well, with the second one being a bit more hairy than the first but we managed to win it out in the end.

And the Twin Peaks - all I can remember is poor Crooked getting angry at warlocks. But who isn't angry at warlocks! Doing so much damage must be such a burden!

Oh there was also one Deepwind Gorge that we managed to claw back. I even managed to make it with a cart for once!

I did some 2s with Sev as double DPS for a bit of fun early in the evening (as nobody was on yet for PvP) and we won those as well. But we really need to do 3s. We are lazy as sin and there are mounts to be had. Ugh, more things to farm!

Shab has unsubbed again which is a shame because I miss having him around. But now Weave and Dingsausage are playing again, we have regular people turning up for PvP and that's fun. I still can't get over how Weave seems so cranky in PvP when he's so quiet and all in guild! Crooked even came along and he seemed to enjoy himself, especially with that winning streak!

Not enough people for rateds, but we'll see how it goes in a few weeks when Tomb of Sargeras drops and every man and his dog starts logging into WoW again.