Order Hall Mythic Plus Cache

I have been dragging my friends to do the highest mythic plus I can do, much to their dismay. HK has been ok with it though he drags his heels at Cathedral and Lower Kara. Anna and Gal are my friends that I like pushing high keys with because as I've said before, it's the only opportunity I get to play with them.

Finding a 5th can sometimes be an issue. I remember one week I asked Aza if he would do a mythic plus with me and he said sure, until I told him what it was and he said hell no! So the next person I asked was Exray who said "I don't want to do your +17 Wardens, Navi," and I was like ... OMG Aza you poisoned Exray! Aza laughed at me and said good luck!

In the last week I had done a nice 15 with Kjersten, Amelior, Pancake and Spoon, but I I jumped at the chance to try a Cathedral of Eternal Night 17.

Nobody wanted to be the 5th person. So I ended up begging Pancake to come, and we did it but unfortunately we didn't make the timer as we had some issues with the 3rd boss. However, it turned out at least only 1 hour instead of that dreadful 2 hours we spent on CoEN 9 in the first week!

When I opened my cache on Wednesday there was a lovely 53 million AP in there with 2x 4 million AP tokens. Those who had done a 12 for the week had 30 million AP with some extra tokens. Though those who had done a 15 had the same tokens as me. To which I have concluded that it's good to do a 15 but it's not worth doing a 17, but it MIGHT be worth doing an 18 if I can get a key that high this week. I didn't realise there was a difference in the AP at the end of the week if you did a higher key. I thought everything about 10 was the same.

I have been looking around trying to find out how much AP in my order hall cache for different levels of M+ but it's not easy to find. Maybe someone can enlighten me!