Minipost: NOW where should I put my AP?

I hit Concordance on boomkin just the other day and then I started working on the bear weapon. I got to 42 and thought...

... how often am I REALLY going to tank!

Not that often.

So then I put the points back in resto trying to get concordance 2. I'll be there in a day or two.

But this artifact power addiction is a real thing. I really have no reason to be putting in extra AP or looking for it because I have nothing to do but here I am, still pushing it.

My poor boomy needs all the help it can get so concordance is good for me, I suppose.

With the hotfixes they did to Concordance (up to 4000 from 2000, and each extra level adding 300 instead of 100 or whatever it was) has made it a little more attractive. I have to admit there is a lot of venom on the forums after the announcement, because people are whinging they won't be able to reach concordance 50....

Really? They were actually going for that? I thought the whole point was NOT to be able to reach it. And I think it's totally fine to max out at 40 Artifact Knowledge. I'm only 37 and still I have concordance on 2 weapons so it can't be that difficult and I don't play like a demon all day long!