Guildleader chores - Why did I ever worry about recruitment?

I've finally figured out that recruitment and stressing over the roster was only ever a thing because of mythic raiding.

Now that I don't have mythic raiding on my radar (except if we are looking for stuff to do on raid nights because we've finished everything else), the place is bulging with people. Flexible raiding is so much more FUN because I can go with 10 or 30, and we can always get 10 people together for a raid. And people seem to like hanging around because of that, despite my best efforts to dissuade those that I feel aren't quite happy here.

The latest recruit is a friend of another guildie. The guild seems to be full of people who want to step back from mythic raiding and guild leadership, though you know those things always trigger warning bells for me.

The last time I spoke to this person (with regards to recruitment) it didn't go down so well. They had a very mythic mindset which didn't fit in at all with our guild, and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't going to work out because I quite liked this person but I didn't want drama. That was years ago, during Mists of Pandaria.

This time, he came back to me with some life changes and a series of guild incidents that lead to guild implosions making him take an extended break from WoW. He was back and looking for a something a little more casual.

I can't help it - once a mythic raider, always a mythic raider, right? And I know this person. Deep down he still thinks we compete for our raid spots against one another, when it's really just about meeting some benchmarks. But, he really wants to give it a go in a guild where people like one another (who doesn't want that?) and I will give him the benefit of the doubt and guide him in the right direction. That is, the direction I want him to be going if he's going to stay here.

On a slightly different note, a former guildie that runs his own guild on Saurfang (and am still friends with) wanted to have a chat to me, as he wanted permission to allow some of my guild's raiders to raid with him doing mythic whilst we are on downtime. I said that was ok, but that as soon as we started our own raiding with Tomb of Sargeras those guys were expected to return to our raid roster - and I was also quite happy for them to leave and join his guild except they didn't want to go. When I told them that they can go do mythic raiding if they like and join another guild they insisted they didn't want to leave, because they like it here, all their friends are here, but because we're not doing anything right now they wanted to know if it was ok to help the other guild. They were also worried that they would lose their raid spots when they came back and I reassured them that I don't mind what they do when we aren't doing new raids or progression but I fully expect them back here when we were and they were totally ok with that - in fact, that's what they thought SHOULD happen anyway. I wonder how many people were interested in doing that, as I only know of 2.

The other officers felt a bit affronted. What about when we want to start doing mythic? But they forget just how many people are on the roster. In full swing there will be 33 people in the raid roster and we can't possibly fit them all in! It's kinda good that we're thinning the ranks a little at the moment. People are on break, people are working, people having kids or people are playing other games!

Regardless of what happens, if we have enough for mythic, that's great. If not, well back to free time. More time to do dungeons or chase achievements or do some PvP. Or get round to finishing that Mind Worm mount thing.


  1. I felt a bit affronted? ��
    Strangely my recollection was that it didn't bother me at all, but I'll try to feel properly devastated at their raiding with another guild. ��

    1. Gack, emoticons don't translate - that was mostly trading though. :P


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