Frostwolves Guild Meetup in Sydney - Korean BBQ and chicken

We had an excellent turnout for our guild meetup last week!on Friday 5 May!

Aza and Ultra were visiting Sydney and wanted to catch up so I said HK and I would come hang out, and Tout wanted to come too, then Sev thought he'd come... then I thought why don't we all get together and have a proper guild meetup!

We had a huge turnout! Here is the list of attendees:

Basedumbreon (Emmu's gf)
Emmu (Akrapovic)

With some non guildies too!
Bron (Mag's gf)
Conner (Koda's son)
Jessie (Friend of Emmu)

I went in early to chat to Az, Ultra and Consti and then we ended up sitting in KFC because there aren't really that many places you can just sit around doing nothing before you feel guilty that you're taking up eating space. Koda and Conner came along then we made our way to the restaurant, Koibito, which was a Korean place above a bar.

I love Korean fried chicken so I ordered lots of it. I definitely OVERordered, because we had leftovers galore. And some of that stuff was SUPER spicy! There was a dish that had chicken and Korean rice cake (teokk) in a spicy sauce and I was gulping down water but Sev was cheerfully eating it.

I giggled at Shab/Eurie for overcooking the soupy noodles and boiling it dry.

It was a good place to just sit and eat and talk. Yuuda commented to me (as we saw people queuing up to eat whilst we were sitting down cooking our BBQ) that he finds it highly satisfying knowing a place is decent when there are people waiting and here we are secured in our own spot eating the food.

People were shy at first but eventually opened up and I think everyone had a good time. Well I certainly did. And I was dumb and overate. AND I took home leftovers!

Hopefully next guild meetup will be in Perth!


  1. Spicy chicken and spicy pork were delicious Nav ... Come to think of it, the whole meal was amazing! ;-)

  2. If you can make next guild meet some time within CSANZ 2017 I will try to persuade pharma companies to pay my expenses to CSANZ in Perth this year :P although I have no idea what grounds I have to convince them... But it is 20 years since I last return to Perth



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