Raiding - Still good AP from normal raids

Sunday was a little different in that we had someone who hadn't played with the guild before taking up a tanking role for normal raid.

Tri had stopped hiding and wanted to come if he could come on Sunday and I said he had to DPS because we had tanks already. He moaned a bit since, like HK, he's a pure tank and not any good at DPS or healing, but I said one benefit of him going ret is that I can get a wisdom buff. Woo!

It turned out Splatz had a family thing to attend, so I asked Kjerstin to tank. He was a little bit reluctant, and he hardly speaks on Discord during raid so I asked him if he wanted to let Tri tank and he said ok. Tri talks at least (we had done a double tank of some M+ earlier which was amusing but I hardly had to do more healing than I normally would, go figure!) and he knew the fights so he and HK did the whole normal raid with no dramas.

It was a good raid overall, I had fun. I do worry on weekend raids because people don't speak much and it seems so solemn but once you get a few chatting it lightens up a lot. A legendary or two went out and people got some upgrades - even the whinging about master looting has stopped.

I wish I had time to do more things for AP! For example start an RBG teaam. The AP from a win is enormous! Also doing all the earlier tier raids for AP - if only I had more time!

Speaking of old raids I have 3 Vial of Swirling whatsies from class hall missions sitting in my bags. I need to do more Xavius!


  1. I seem to have a lot of family things to go to lately...

  2. Yowza, how many tanks have I seen that refuse to speak?


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