Raiding - Nighthold achievements

There is nothing much to say about Wed/Thursday raiding anymore which is just Heroic NH farms and clears, so on Sunday we did some achievements for something a little bit different!

I really should start on achievements in Emerald Nightmare but I thought we'd start on Nighthold. And also, I actually forgot about those achievements. We can go back for them.

Skorpyron's achievement, Cage Rematch, was quite easy. All you had to do was make sure nobody went outside of the ring in the centre of the room, which  basically meant hide behind crystals and don't get knocked back. And the ring goes out to the edging cobblestones but I told everyoen the blue bit.. just in case.

Chromatic Anomaly's achievement is a bit difficult. I decided to skip that one and dedicate a whole night to getting that one.

Most people had Trilliax's achievement, Gluten Free, which is basically by playing like a baddie and eating very little cake. We went a bit more extreme and tried eating NO cake. And that still went ok.

After that we went to Krosus and did Burning Bridges. A little bit tougher until we got the hang of how we were going to do it. If you don't absorb swirlies, fire elementals spawn. What we need is to get Krosus to smash the bridge so elementals fall into the water. We struggled for a bit as the elementals were dying from aoe attacks (poor Moisty and Fury, they couldn't help it) and then we decided to leave EVERY elemental up so that we had a nice collection from each part of the bridge. Well that was all good but then we couldn't get it down at the last bit because so many elementals up were doing tons of damage, so a lust at the start and smashing Krosus down as much as we could and then running around doing single target damage to Krosus and interrupting adds as much as we could and lots of healing. We ran it with 6 or 7 healers for 17 people. It felt like we needed it though! 

Next up was Botanist's achievement, Fruit of all evil. I had never seen these fruits before, but once they were pointed out I saw them EVERYWHERE!

Once you eat them funny things happen to you. You might see hallucinations, you might vomit, or you might get stunned, or knocked back. And it puts you in combat! So it was important that we cleared the whole area so we could eat then eat berries and make sure you kill hallucinations because more often than not they were off attacking healers and healers couldn't see them. And they bloody hurt!

Despite what people said, once you die, you actually can't click another berry. And everyone in the raid has to have the arcane exposure debuff, no dead people or anything. So we wiped when one person died (and both times it was me because someone's hallucination was beating on me - THANKS KELTHAL). The good thing is that the berries respawn after a wipe so you can do it again.

Spellblade Auriel's achievement requires you to kill her in three different places so you can do it on three different lockouts. Since Botanist was cleared, we dragged her over there to kill her for the Shal'dorei Terrace step. It's best to do it in Botanist's room not on the bridge - only half the bridge is coutned as Shal'dorei Terrace, and when she charges around when the flame line is up, she can "run" out of the area and the achievement fails. The other two spots are in Astromancer's Rise and Shattered walkway, which are just on the way to Star Auger and Krosus, so we can get them another time.

Yay for achievements!


  1. Some of the fun is getting over-geared and going back to work through the achievements.
    I wonder if you, like me, have "all but one" on some of the raids. I look through my lists and see one here and one there, never fully finished.

    1. I do have a few of those. I need to go back and do them!


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