Raiding - More Sunday night Achieves

We just went for Star Auger and Elisande's achievements on Sunday which meant we could do a full clear of Normal, which was good for AP.

It would have been even BETTER for AP if I had gotten my tower buff and be eligible to get extra AP! 

We also did the Spellblade step where you kill her in the building where Star Auger is. That was easy. It turns out the achievement for Star Auger is not far from there either!
Outside that building is an elemental being bound by some nightfallen. Once their spell of binding is gone the elemental breaks free and we have to take into Star Auger's room and it becomes an Adventurous Nether Elemental and then after 2 more phases, a Well-travelled Nether Elemental by the third phase and that's when we kill it. We tanked it in the corner of the room so it wouldn't get killed by cleaves but you can bind it or banish it and that doesn't affect it changing into the Well-travelled - I thought that it might not change if it was somehow removed from the fight.

The Elisande achievement, Infinitesimal, is also quite easy. One person just had to summon an Infinite Whelpling and run it through the point where the fast and slow bubbles overlap and it becomes an Infinite Drakeling which you kill and then do the rest of the fight as normal. Importantly, don't have lots of people with their whelplings out because you don't want to have to accidentally fight a whole bunch of drakelings!

We had a half hearted attempt at Gul'dan's one, but I think some of the guildies were more interested in ranking than in holding back their dps on the eyes so we could let them multiply.

Overall a good night!