Raiding - First heroic clear in one night

We had a good run on Wednesday, clearing all of Heroic Nighthold in one night, which was a first for us. I think reducing time wastage by doing Aluriel then Tichondrius (because we did the world boss in Nighthold was on the way to Tichondrius) and then heading back to Krosus. We also brought along Souglyy and Cowboy - who were the non heroic raiders tagging along for the week. I did have rules on alts attending raid but I relaxed them for the first 8 bosses and limited it to 2 alts for Gul'dan. People have been ok with that, and so far, there is no mutiny.

Legendaries seemed to drop a lot this week, and there were a couple in raid, from memory. Gul'dan went a lot smoother, with everyone now very familiar with the fight so minimal mistakes were made.

On Thursday we just did heroic EN and ToV for AP, and that went nice and smooth as well. I think it's time to finally wind back to just 2 days a week before Tomb of Sargeras.

I had thought that we could have a few goes at some Mythic but really, I don't think there's any interest in it. Everyone is too busy waiting for Mage Tower to get up so they can all get their new artifact appearance. I had a few goes at it last week but I am clearly not ready for it - it took me 3 expansions to get my Proven Healer, it would probably take me that long to get this challenge done!

Hoping for a relaxing Sunday raid, maybe some achievements. That would be a nice end to the week!