Raiding - 2 Gul'dans, 3 carries and 2 alts

Last Wednesday was the first time we did 9 bosses in 2 hours. Perhaps personal loot with some master looting helped, or maybe everyone is just more familiar with it. Or maybe there is less wiping. Regardless, we got 3 people their AotC on Thursday and am pleased about that. Yay to Magato, Faithless and Mctacky! I took a leaf from Jade and Z's book and asked Tacky and Faith if they felt like they were hindering the raid, to go and jump off Gul'dan's platform but both resolutely stuck it out lived to the end! Unlike the glorious leader of the guild who got punted off like a noob and was dead for most of the second carry run. I was most upset with myself, but Faith and Tacky were really proud of themselves and so was I!

We have some new guildies and some old ones returning.

In the last few weeks there have been a few people joining the guild. Fynol came back, as his old account was hacked. However, he is sulking at me at the moment for scolding him about using a word with racist connotations even though he was not being racist by using that word (however, I take objection to the use of the word and expect compliance which my objection, which he did, albeit with some argument. Since then he has not spoken to me. He'll get over it). Jazeel came back on his main (he left in a huffy ages ago after a misunderstanding which I will just put down to him being old and me being oblivious) and brought some of his guild with him. Pleb and Arnans are older players who are casual but active and it's nice to see a boost to that side of the guild. Also, more pet battlers in the guild means more people to talk about pet battles with. Though the constant nagging from Jazeel about my lack of updates to Warcraft pets and how I have fallen behind with my pets this expansion I can put up with since he so kindly offers to level pets for me. Tacky must have put him up to it.

We also got a new mage who was looking for a nice heroic guild. Much to our horror he is arcane. Perhaps I am traumatised by Goodgravy's arcane mage that I was recoiling in horror but he plays it ok when brought to heroic raid. I remember his first hesitant enquiries about the guild and my first reply to him which was "Can I ask why you want to join our guild? Because we are not recruiting or advertising, so I was wondering what made you choose Frostwolves?" I remember feeling abashed for being so forward when I read his reply!

"I was looking on Wowprogress for a guild with similar progression to mine, and yours sounded good.... but I'm not sure now."

LOL. Big mean Navi. Anyway, he seems to have settled in quietly though he did say to me that he would race me in artifact power. Silly Sychosoula - doesn't know what he's up against!

Magato is a workmate of HK's who was a former mythic raider now winding back. He didn't play much last few tiers so he's a bit behind so he's catching up now for Tomb of Sargeras. So, hoping that works out, though what am I supposed to do with so many shadow priests I have no idea...

Dilandach came back, a little burnt out from mythic raiding, so he's just hanging around levelling alts and the occasional raid. I did think that his stint in mythic raiding would improve his constant dying in raids but I can see that it did not. I also had to lecture him about doing his cooldowns out of turn, and it was almost amusing to see Amayeti saying "Dil did his cooldown out of turn!" a few times in the raid. It reminded me of my own children... 

"My brother didn't put the milk away again!" 
"But my sister used it last so she has to put it away."
"But you took it out so you have to put it away!"

Tri moved his paladin here (his alt rogue is already here) but he's just being quiet and hiding. I feel bad we don't have any tanking spots available but you know how it is - we already have 2 tanks! He doesn't do anything except tank, so I should try to make the time to do some dungeons with him so he can feel a little less isolated.

Parenting and guild leading. Not  much difference if you ask me.

Now we are bursting at the seams with people and raid isn't even up yet. We constantly have 20-24 in raid for heroic, and that doesn't include people having breaks. When everyone is up and ready to raid for Tomb of Sargeras, I think we will have way more than 30.


  1. In my defense I was doing work on another screen at the same time, 100% focus wasn't there. Also using my CD on my own prerogative has been the norm for me for the last couple of months in heroic, mythic it was locked into specific times. Use it early, use it often.

    I'll die less and use my CD more!

  2. ah yes, its either a feast or a famine.
    i used to explain guild leading as herding cats at dinner time with hungry dogs wandering through. :-)


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