PvP night - A good night for BGs

We had a full 5 group of 5 for PvP on Friday night which meant we were doing BGs. I was thinking if it didn't go well we'd just go to arenas, but we had a stupid server restart again so since we couldn't BG we went and did some HotS.

I didn't realise I was close to getting my 100 wins for Kotmogu!

Which was the last achieve I needed before Master of Temple of Kotmogu. Man I really need to wok on that Deepwind Gorge one. I just find it too hard to be able to do achieves and carry carts!

I also managed to hit honoured with Talon's Vengeance, so that means I could buy the Ivory Feather, so I could earn Marks of Prey doing BGs as well. Got a few as boomkin, but it will make the whole thing a bit easier! Boy I wish I could get into Ashran!

Earlier in the day I managed to pug some rated BGs and they are impressive in terms of how much AP you get.

Weave surprised me - I thought he was just a quiet guy but boy was he vocal in BGs! Made me feel a lot less embarrassed about my potty mouth! Tri was keen to hang out in BGs and try for achievements, and I did feel a little nostalgic playing with a prot pally in a BG - thinking back to when we would play with Xyn - but I am looking forward to him getting getting his first prestige so maybe he can be a USEFUL prot pally charging around and knocking people back and healing me!