PvP - Arathi Basin Brawl

The first PvP brawl was out this week and I really enjoyed it!

Sev and I agree that the felpuppy in that pic looks like a zergling!

So with lousy visibility you can no longer stand at Lumber mill and see what is happening all over the map. Early communication is key! And it's much easier to have the flag ninja'd (and also vice versa).

I was disoriented easily (spawned at Stables and couldn't recognise where the hell I was), but overall we had good runs and the brawl quest was to do 3 brawls - didn't say you had to win them, just do them - and you get rewards. Which was rather cool and encouraged everyone to play.

Shab complained bitterly but there were some interesting changes, such as ice over the water so you could get from Blacksmith to other nodes faster. There was also an extra path to get down to mines as well.

We even partied up with Spanky and Coffee one time and broke their 2 game losing streak. It was HK's first time in and it wouldn't let him queue as tank and forced him to DPS much to his dismay, but despite his terrible DPS we still won :D

So far, a great start to these PvP brawls! Not sure if I'll like the Eye of the Storm no gravity thing, but it will be fun to see.


  1. Okay, for those of us who aren't subs right now, did they take a classic BG and redo the landscape in heavy weather?


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