Prestige 9 - Hell, it's about Nine

I hit Prestige 9 quietly when hardly anyone was online so I had to do my own little fanfare. Thank goodness I have a blog so I can remember it.

At least there was something more useful this time around than a silly flag on my butt. I got a white pony!

I do feel struggly in world PvP now - I have not unlocked the new talents and no doubt everyone else is playing their main spec so they know how to play well. I am always smashed when someone else attacks me so Blackrook rumble is always a drag when I do because I just do some half hearted DPS hoping the other person will get their quota then go away so I can just do the NPCs by myself.

Anyway, one more level to go till this new appearance!


  1. Yay GRATS!!!! That is an awesome ach for a massive slog and a cool reward. I'm 3 levels shy of hitting prestige 2, so a long way to go for me still.

    I really suck at dps in PvP so I've taken to doing the world PvP quests that pit you against real players also in healer spec. Usually I can outheal whoever is hitting me and sneakily dot up everyone else in there so I get some credit when they die.

    1. I have been going boomkin but dying terribly but I try to persist so I can pick up Marks when I get a killing blow. I have never been able to get a killing blow in resto except occasionally in BGs when I have the Ordos thing on.

    2. Oh there's still so much I don't know about PvP. You have to get a killing blow to get Marks? I thought they just came as the reward from doing the wq.

    3. Marks of Prey, sorry, I should have been more clear! It's for Talon's Vengeance rep.


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