Patch 7.2 - Yeah I read the patch notes but I like these little improvements

With all that was going on I didn't get time to write about the little changes with 7.2 that I noticed that were rather cool!

I noticed Broll looks different! Now I see him in bear form when I'm in bear and in stag form when I'm in travel form (which is what everyone else sees). Yay!

Here is a pic of me on one of those flying discs in Broken Shore and he's in crow form!

In Court of Stars, when Melandrus charges at you for the bleed there is now a visual circle on the ground to move from. That makes it a lot easier! Before, he used to follow you if you started moving before he charged, and it gives you plenty of time to move from the charge now to avoid the bleed.

In Halls of Valor that last pack on the opposite table that we always pull by accident on the way to Hyrja has been removed. Which means killing more of something else! Also Odyn now has BIG BALLS. Yep you heard me. HUGE. So big in fact that I find them harder to avoid than normal!

In Vault of Wardens, the doors are now closed so you have to kill the minibosses before you can open the doors - no sneaking past anymore (not that we did that). Also, one of the patting spider packs seems to be different when we jump down - sometimes it's not there! And I swear one of the sentinels is a little bit closer because it always seems to pull now before we jump down.

Efflo has a different animation to before - it's very pointy compared to being leafy. I don't mind it, but it looks more warlocky or magey rather than druidy. Starfall's AoE radius also looks a bit better defined compared to before.

Shaman shields now seem to appear on the Mana sabers when they are running around in Suramar. Koda showed me that she now looks like she's been impaled by her shield.

In Suramar, when Varenne the pet battle near Twilight Vineyards is up, the NPC that could see through disguises is now gone. Thank goodness, it was annoying when people would agro that one when trying to pet battle.

Also, the opposite faction's tags have changed colour. Now they all look like legendaries with those orange name tags!

Anything other little things you've noticed with the patch that was a change for the better or worse? Tell me, I'd love to know!


  1. A couple things from the Mythic+ I've run:
    DHT - Dresaron boss (dragon) - his downdraft is so strong now that you cannot avoid being pushed back into the eggs. Even with speed boosts (e.g. engineering, feathers), you could not avoid it. Perhaps this is a bug?
    BRH - Lord Ravencrest boss - the Dark Obliteration can now rotate in a random direction rather than only counter-clockwise. The graphic is also changed to be much brighter and appeared wider.
    Both of these were really fun surprises -_-


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