Minipost - You Used to Scrawl Me in your Fel Tome

Phew! I managed to find all the pages over many Blackrook Hold dungeons and got You Used to Scrawl Me in your Fel Tome.

Ink-splattered Page
Someone in guild told me it took them 100+ times to get their final page. I don't know how many it took me but it wasn't that many. And it can be made way less painless by just doing the dungeon when the world quest is up, if you get the dungeon on a random heroic, or if you doing Mythic plus - though I would go back through the dungeon looking after the M+ was done, not during, unless it was right there next to you!

Hastily-scrawled page
Singed Page
Torn Page
I haven't got pics of all the pages, but you can look up the locations on Wowhead here.

I can tell you if you're systematically going backwards from the end to look at:

Lord Ravencrest's Desk just as you go out of his room - Hastily Scrawled Page
Round room down the stairs before you go back to Smashspite - Ink-Splattered Page
Corridor with all the Wyrmtongues near some weapon racks on a desk - Singed Page
In long room next to Broken staircase on a desk (before Illysanna) - Dog-Eared Page
Left side of room where you fight Commander Shemdah'sohn in bookshelf - Worn-edged Page
In the room after you kill Amalgam of Souls (no agro mobs) on the desk - Torn Page

So just do it every time you go into BRH and you'll get it! But if you're in a rush, you can do find the pages on normal, heroic, mythic and mythic plus so farm normal if you have to :)


  1. Can you actualy read the pages? Are they tragicomically funny?

    1. You can! The pages are actually in the screenshots above but I cropped them out. I will go back and see if I can find them...

  2. You Used to Scrawl Me In Your Fel Tome map with item locations:


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