Minipost - Resto Legendary number 7! Finally have my ring

I got my 7th resto legendary the other day from one of those boxes that you get after handing in those Legionfall supplies. It was the one I had been waiting for, Tearstone of Elune.

Though I would also like the trinket, I thought maybe I'll try and get some Boomkin ones. Because now I have so many legendaries I don't know what to do with them. Yes, yes it's such a first world problem deciding which of the many legendaries I want to wear.

HK also got his BIS legendary this week from a Legionfall supplies chest too, Sal'salabim's Lost Tunic.

I feel like a lot of legendaries have dropped since 7.2 hit. Was the drop rate increased? Hmm.


  1. Not one since 7.2 for me. You must be flirting with the rng gods.

  2. Nothing. Rng hates me.


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