Finally a good use for Marks of Honour!

I saw people getting achievements for class armour sets, and I didn't realise I could be finishing mine off too! A good thing all that PvP pays off!

So I spent a good part of Friday and Saturday getting my achievements

Phew! Wall of spamming Achievements! Yes the guild was spammed to, and people asked me how many Marks of Honour I had, and I said a lot. Yeah, I am sure i was sitting over 200!

Though I noticed that after patch, the drop rate of those Marks seems to have gone down a bit.

Now that there are achievements with collecting sets, I am going to work harder at collecting them! Luckily it doesn't say weapons too, because each weapon lot is 80 marks compared to a mere 12 for the armour.

And the good news is now I won't have to collect any more appearances because I did have all these things once upon a time, and now since I still PvP I can still get all of the appearances for the season. So save up your marks and buy your favourite old PvP sets people!


  1. How does this work? I might have some Marks of Honor, do I go to the zone and simply buy the set? How do I know what to get?
    Grats on those Achieves, I'm jealous!

    1. There is a great post on WoWhead about where to go to get them - here is the link

      Essentially it is the PvP vendors that you went to for each season to get gear - Orgrimmar, on the wall between Kun'Lai and Townlong in Pandaria, in Warspear, in Northrend Dalaran sewers, in Area 52 in Netherstorm (sorry, those are Horde ones, not sure about the Alliance ones). Just get 12 and you can get the whole set! I did have some parts of some sets already but I ended up just buying the whole set sometimes because it was cheaper.

  2. Gratz times about a million! :)
    I didn't know there were achievements for this but the gaps in the sets on the collection page have been killing me! xD


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