Archaeology finished! Well, almost!

This week was the last week of rare archaeological artifacts to dig up (I skipped it last time) and Crooked kindly reminded me because it is sometimes rather difficult to wind up enthusiasm for archy.

There were cool changes to archaeology with 7.2.

Crooked told me that you could now get AP whilst digging. I must have misheard him because I thought he said Bloods of Sargeras. So yes, there is a rare chance you can get some decent AP items occasionally whilst digging.

Another thing I noticed that was different was the aggressive mob/ghost that pops up when you dig and always drops more archaeology pieces. When I was digging in Stormheim it appeared as an item you could loot and when you used it, the spawn appeared.

Also there are golden (elite) dig sites as well as normal dig sites. Crooked told me about it, and I just thought that it meant that the dig sites were in elite areas (Azsuna dig sites have a loarge number of them in elite mob areas which was annoying before we had flying). However, Galestion said that there is an increased chance of getting AP in a rare dig site compared to a normal one. And for the elite one I did that was true. I got 3 AP items (all of which were 1.1 million) compared to maybe 1 artifact power item for each 2 dig sites.

I needed 2 more pristines - both of which are demonics. So I was rather stroppy that every single item I had to solve this time around during the quest was the Houndstooth Hauberk - I had 4 or 5 in a row! That's 170 pieces per solve! I then finished the quest and got an Imp's Cup now to solve (yay something different) and I guess I will have to work up some enthusiasm for some more digging.