Where did the Undercity Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage go?

I was in Dalaran and stupidly clicked the portal to Undercity instead of to Thunder Bluff, wanting to head to Darkmoon Faire. Hmm, where is the Darkmoon Faire mage that teleports you to DMF?

I asked around in guild, got crickets, asked a friend who said it was in the trade quarter (inner ring). Couldn't find it. Ran around a bit looking before I decided to hearth back to Dalaran and go click the right portal.

As I was heading to DMF I saw there was even a Darkmoon Faire in Thunder Bluff. Why would one be there when the portal to DMF is just downstairs!

After I finished my DMF pet battles, I went back to Org to check if that Darkmoon Faire mage was still there. Yes, it was.

And even Silvermoon's one is still there!

So what happened to the Undercity mage? A simple Google search shows that it has been missing since last year. I wonder why that is?

MAYBE Undercity is such a misery filled place that nobody wants to go to DMF from there.
MAYBE Undercity is such a pain to get in and out of that when Silas Darkmoon looked at the amount of people using the DMF mage teleport it was nearly 0 every month. In terms of cost efficiency it would be so much better to remove the mage.
MAYBE Silas has added that particular mage to his list of mysterious missing persons (likely killed) and we can find them on the island as a ghost!

No love for the Forsaken. That's all I can say.