Resto druid - Trying out Abundance

I play around a lot with my healing talent choices especially since I play resto druid very differently in arena/PvP compared to PvE and I have been surprised to say how much I actually like abundance!

Abundance is the third talent choice on the 1st row, and most people opt for Cenarion Ward though Prosperity is good too.

Prosperity allows you to have two Swiftmends and reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds, Cenarion ward places a heal on the target that will trigger when the target takes damage and puts a HoT on them, and with Abundance, each active rejuvenation will decrease the cast time of Healing Touch by 10% as well as increase the crit chance of Regrowth by 10%.

I have always used Cenarion Ward in PvP so I am very familiar with it's use and benefits. Great for tank healing and damage soakers. It costs about the same mana as Healing Touch/Rejuvation so it's a very effective heal for high damage situations.

Prosperity is also a good talent choice but I feel like it gets it performs best when used with Soul of the Forest. Also, I find that I run out of mana very fast when I use Prosperity (because I am used to healing with SotF and after every Swiftmend I'd use Wild growth and old habits are hard to break), but I think when I was running with 2 relics that boosted Swiftmend's heal it was a good choice.

However, it's because both are on cooldowns that I found that Abundance has some good applications. I found it particularly good for Mythic 15+ for Nelth's lair (on scorpions, especially with Fortified and raging) and in Court of Stars (Melandrus with Tyrannical). It works best with Germination so I can have at least 6 rejuvenations out (for 100% regrowth crits) and having 8+ rejuvs means instant spammable healing touches if required. And that includes pets!

And I'm going to show you just how crazy we were this week with the beautiful affixes that we had for the week (and I healed these trying out Abundance).

Yes yes, I know we didn't make the timer, and there are still many hours left before reset so we could be pushed off. However, I think that I have learned a bit more this time around, so I can do better for the next time!


  1. I've been so slack lately, haven't done any M+ on my shammies. I did manage to 'pull all the things' with ignite on my mage in a DHT though.. thank god it was with all guildies lol.

    1. You have a lot on your plate atm Foreva so I will overlook your slackness :D


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