Raiding - With this latency it's like doing MC all over again...

The last 2 nights of raiding have been borked. It's like we are on US servers and it's hard to imagine we used to play with 300 ms and we were fine with it.

Some people had it so bad they were up to 800ms which is just rubbish.

The raid kicked off to an odd start when Cosima could not see anyone in her raid instance. We summoned her, she relogged, she restarted, all to no avail. So Ultra said she needs to zone into the instance FIRST, after we disbanded and started the raid again. I was being a bit of a dimwit and couldn't figure out how to disband raid so I passed leader to Aimei and he did it. So he started the invites for the new raid.

Yay that worked, Cosima could now see NPCs and also see people, which was great. So off we were starting trash and someone said, "Hey this side door is open with a portal, what's that?"

Oh, that's the teleport to go straight to Elisande. That didn't tip us off and we pulled the boss.

"Wait, it's on normal!" someone yelled. And so it was. I totally blame Aimei because he was leader and my raid instances are set to heroic. So off we went, helter skelter, out of the instance to reform the group AGAIN and try it for another time.

Fortunately with all the doofing around, Aza didn't miss much. He was at work till 9pm and wouldn't be home till 920pm.

We did the Hodor strat and it was a bit ugly because of lag. Aimei died 3 times. But we got it. So then we did Chronomatic Anomaly which seemed fine, and then we onto Trilliax. Trilliax was terrible because of the lag. People were dying to Annihilation left right and centre. We wiped a few times and eventually we got it.

Since the night was so garbage we thought we might as well do the world boss which was in Elisande's private quarters. Some smart person thought we could pull the whole room. Well, no you can't.

You get polymorphed, mind controlled (Crooky killed someone who was MC'd and ticked over an honour level!) and well, it was just a wipe. Once we pulled them group by group it went much better and we all got some tasty artifact power rewards.

Krosus and Spellblade Aluriel went down ok though but we had to call it on Tichondrius because Cosima disconnected and Ram had to go pick up someone.

We picked it up on Thursday but unfortunately the latency was still there and we only did Tichondrius and Star Gazer. On botanist the latency was so terrible people were dying a lot and many dropped fromt he raid. So we said we'd only have a couple more goes to see if we could do it but in the end we couldn't so we just called raid early.


I was looking forward to making progress on Gul'dan this week, and this happens.

Also, I saw guildies pugging Gul'dan heroic and I can't help but feel sad that they can get it in pugs but we can't kill it as a guild yet! I suppose we're not far off, but it's just a shame and it makes me feel bummed.

Anyway, I don't think we will get Gul'dan this week. They better have this crappy latency rubbish fixed by next week!