Raiding - Getting our Oceanic instance back

Splatz had this theory. He thought that maybe the oceanic instances were being overloaded at peak times because outside peak raid times people were still on oceanic instances but at raid time in evenings it all went to poop.

So he did an experiment and logged and entered a raid instance 2.5 hours before raid time. Sure enough it was an oceanic instance.

So he, Yeti and Fox sat in the instance doing trash until raid time. And the instance stayed oceanic for that time. Some people did have some latency but it was probably their usual but we were able to raid properly and do stuff, which was great.

They said they'd do it again today, but I'm not sure if everyone is going to be doing it, or whether it was just a fluke. I suppose it couldn't hurt, but it's a pain in the ass to be doing that before raid time when there are other things you could be doing. And what time would that be? It would have to be like from 6pm or something! Many guilds raid from 7pm. Anyhow, we'll see.

Had to drag Sev to raid, and the irony was that he said there was nothing for him in normal, but when a titanforged haste mastery 905 ring dropped from Gul'dan all of us were drooling over it and I won the roll but I gave it to Sev over myself and Amelior because Sev had a really crappy ring. Man that would have been so awesome for mythic plus!

Aza brought his hunter and got 4 piece tier. Koda said she wants to bring her hunter next time! I think the only healer left will be me! Crooked should bring his hunter too but he has better things to do on Sundays. Aza also got that stand-still-heal-yourself legendary, so it was quite productive for him. Funnily enough Koda was the only shaman in the raid and Aza the only hunter so all mail pieces pretty much went to him except an awesome titanforged wrist that went to Koda.

I did some rather stupid things in raid yesterday. When we were heading to Tichondrius I went in the side entrance but forgot to turn and ran straight into the inner garden full mof mobs. Then I was going to Star Auger, and so proud of myself for not turning at the wrong place that I went to displacer into the room and hit moonfire instead and pulled the boss, causing a slow wipe since we were all outside the boss room. Ugh.

Other than that, the raid went relatively smoothly and lots of people got shinies.

Looking forward to a non laggy raid night tonight. Fingers crossed!


  1. they are doing extra maintenance on the oceanic severs this week so hopefully itll be fixed. the lag has been noticeable in overwatch as well during peak time. i think the underestimated how popular the games are down here.

    sorry i haven't caught up on all your posts, been a bit hectic with the new season of overwatch and other stuff.


    1. That's ok, I still get to chat to you on twitter. Though we should hook up for bg's sometime!


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