Raiding - Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan

Yay we did it!

With the extended maintenance on Tuesday night, I thought instance servers would be fixed, and I was stressing when I zoned in at 8pm to find I had American ping. Other guildies started trying to get an oceanic instance without much success but fortunately Aimei managed to secure one on his second reset and we could raid yay!

We had a nice quick clear, this time getting Botanist down as well (which is a first for us, doing 8 in one night) and then on Thursday they were camping the instance (though technically we didn't need to do that) and Elisande trash was cleared before the raid start. Spoon had somehow decided to start a +15 HoV before raid time, not realising what time it was so he was a bit late.

Elisande went down easily and then we had the whole night to do Gul'dan.

Unfortunately for Goodgravy/Jartran I had to kick him out but he was ok - with only 4 healers (one being Crooked who was good but not mainspec heals) I didn't want to stress the raid anymore than we had to.

Just tidying up the phases helped. Being quick on getting the Bonds of Fel, killing the eyes before we did Bonds, making sure people were quick with their fires and then making sure everyone was focussing eyes - boy was that rough to heal. I switched to the tranquility boots legendary to heal for Black Harvest (instead of using Sephuz) and that made a difference for me, I think.

So on our 4th go of the night, we got it!

Xethi: "How did Gul'dan fall, did u ask? Well you see... he fel."

Nothing to take a picture of really, except Illidan and Khadgar. Or the loot chest. We were all so happy that we thought, what shall we do now?

After a consensus we went and did Emerald Nightmare on Mythic.

Nythendra was obviously a lot easier now we were geared, and Ursoc went down pretty easily too, except HK kept dying because there was a tank swapping issue. Then we spent the rest of the night doing Dragons but it needs a fair bit of tidying up before we get that down.

Overall, a really good night, and everyone is super pleased. Where to from here? Personally, I am thinking we can cut a raid day and have Mondays free to do M+ and stuff since we can now go straight to Elisande/Gul'dan. Is mythic on the cards? It depends on the turnout, and I suspect that the answer will be no.


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