PvP - Lame BGs and some surprising arena

It is an endless source of amusement to my guildies when I am always saying that I don't like doing quests where I have to kill things, but I like to PvP... and kill things.

I keep saying that it's totally different. They're trying to kill ME, so I'm just defending myself by killing them first. Which inevitably brings up the point that when you walk into a quest zone the mobs are all red and they attack you - isn't killing them self defence too?

But I can avoid those zones, I say. And the counterargument comes - "But you can AVOID PvP too!"

What they're just trying to point out is that I just like killing things. Even though I say I don't. But it's totally not true :)

The good thing about PvP in boomkin is that legendaries don't work or tier set bonuses so I can just play as best as I can with the abilities I have without worrying about I don't have these bonuses. However, I move too much. It interrupts my casting and I end up just noobfiring everything because I can't finish my casts. But, I was mostly doing healing in BGs.

Shab had a headache so he was not in the mood to be stressed. He didn't want to get on Discord to chat, didn't want to arena or even play shitty BGs - he just went back to HoTs without a word. The breaking point was a Gilneas match where me and Ram both got put in as DPS and we had 0 healers. It was borderline and we could have won it with zerging around but a group of 4 guildies refused to move from mines and we struggled trying to put pressure on the other two nodes as they were split 5/5 evenly. Shab ragequit and we finished out the BG and then decided we'd try some arena.

Not all of the BGs were bad. We did win a Silvershard mines, and a Deepwind Gorge, but the Eye of the Storm and Gilneas ones were atrocious. There was actually a rather amusing moment in Deepwind Gorge where I got disconnected whilst fighting in the centre, but then all of my teammates were kicked off too. I immediately logged back in and I got in before everyone else - but I also got in before the Alliance I was fighting! So I capped the flag and killed the hunter whose pet was auto- attacking me - hilarious! 

After that Ram and Sev both had arena quests to do (class hall missions). So I said ok and we tried to figure out how we'd do it. Decided on Ram DPSing on his monk so we could have a melee and a caster for some variety since 2 casters sucks. Ram said "But you always play two casters and a healer!" and yes that is true but that doesn't mean I think it's ideal - it's just I like playing with my friends!

Ram was hesitant because Sev and Crooked told him that I yell and swear a lot and get angry during PvP. He apologised in advance for doing bad things since he wasn't experienced but I said it's ok, I'm not too fussed, since it's usually Sev I'm yelling at.

However, I could not yell at Sev. He was outstanding in arena being the last man standing twice and finishing off the opposing team. The best one was the feral druid, fire mage and mistweaver monk who were very good at pillar dodging and their interrupts and CC were excellent. However, when I died something happened to the mistweaver - Sev said it was overconfidence - and then he suddenly died and it was down to Sev and the feral druid who was doing an amazing job dodging behind the pillar to hide from Sev and self healing. Sev's dots were dropping off and the druid would quickly try and pounce on Sev, get a few hits in and then run away again. However, Sev chased and persisted and after ages he got the druid down. I actually whispered the druid afterwards and said that was really awesome pillar dodging, I was super impressed. We did lose to them every other game after that though! Then we also had some wins with me DPSing (LOL) and Ram healing because for some reason nobody was attacking me and so I got to cast non stop. So I think Shab will be happy that we have another healer to play with for arena!