Phaelia is right, the doe needs more bling

Phaelia commented in her blog post about Updated Travel Form that there was a Glyph of Doe which makes my very male stag into a Doe. So I decided to put it on today and I must say that I do miss my bling!

Look at me all showy with a huge rack (LOL) and druid markings on my back. And a fancy collar and leg cuffs.

Now look at me. Nondescript. No bling! No markings! Don't mind that bluish colour that's a boomkin thing. But it probably accurately reflects how I feel. Now I feel BLUE.

And since we can glyph our stag form to cheetah and our swim form to orca, I don't see why I can't have a glyph to flight form. There is a glyph to make my crow form into a sentinel owl, so I am sure there will be a glyph to make me back to my old flight form!


  1. It is a shock, isn't it?
    On the other hand, it stands out because of it's low-key look; there is a lot of power in there.

    1. People have actually noticed the doe look, and at least it can still carry passengers, so I am getting quite used to it now!


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