Minipost: Raiding - Down to 2 days? Or farm some old mythic content?

Raid went relatively smoothly, even though on Krosus this week on heroic because we were being lazy and not soaking pools

When Gul'dan goes down at 10pm on Thursday what do we do? I just called the raid and we all went and did mythic plus, but I've had a few mythic enquiries.

"Is there a roster for mythic?"

"Why don't you do a poll about who wants to do mythic?"

"I think it would be good to do some old content mythic and the easier mythic NH bosses."

I was actually looking forward to having a night off to do more mythic plus. It gives me the opportunity to play with other people!

Sunday raid had some new faces, with HK's workmate Magato making an appearance to clean up the cloth loot, and also Foreva's partner, Tazz, turned up despite his West coast USA timezone and picked up a tier piece though he felt bad and wanted to give it to someone else but literally nobody else rolled on it! Priests were klutzes pulling bosses accidentally, and so we ended up suddenly having to do Spellblade instead of running to Krosus because of a pull. I think we should just start killing her now because it really is not much of a drama to do. Erve pulled lots of trash and we had a wipe on trash, and we also had a couple of wipes on Botanist due to some flower adds going crazy in the middle and I have no idea why we wiped the second time - maybe a tank died or something!

So for this week I think we'll just stick to 2 days. I will put up a 3rd day again next week and see if people are going to turn up for some easy mythic stuff. Oh and since funds are so good we're going to just contribute one flask per week for cauldron for 2 days of raiding, but if we do a mythic day then that will need a flask contribution for flasks.


  1. Am so glad that Taz went and he had a good time too! Am hoping I can make it one of these days, even if it's just to sit in Discord and hear you all, while I lay on the couch and watch Vikings :)


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