Lunk Approved World Quests - Thunder Totem Cleanup Detail

I used to really dislike that World quest at Thunder Totem "Thunder Totem Cleanup Detail" - killing little kobolds then clicking their drum for a puny 4%. The kobolds don't even drop loot!

I had noticed moose further up the path when I usually run away ignoring that world quest but not taken much notice of it, but today when I was doing the World Quest (because it had AP) I noticed that the moose are actually around the platform at Thunder Totem too. I wondered why I could ride them... and then I found out that riding them and handing them back to the stable master can actually give you about 13% per hand in! And there also bigger drums on the ground you can click to get % as well and it's definitely more than a peasly 4%.

So I might now add that to my list of non-killing world quests to do. Lunk would be proud!


  1. Also if you have the WQ in Bradenbrook where you need to shoot the birds with the flare gun and kill ten enemies, you can tap the birds before you mark them with the flare gun. It then will count it as both a bird kill and one of the additional 10 enemies you need to kill.


    Best Cauldron maker in the game.

    1. Now that is true. I also do that Bradenbrook wq that way. However, I still have to kill a few mobs but at least the sheep herding part doesn't involve any killing!


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