It's too soon for 7.2! My Guardian weapon is not 54 yet!

I said 7.2 would be in April but it turned out to be tomorrow! I read the patch notes and watched the awesome trailer and I think it will be busy times for the next 11 weeks!

You know what, being infused with demon fel does wonders for your wrinkles if you're an Eredar. Gul'dan still looked old though. I guess Fel agrees with you if you're an Eredar.

I had been working on getting my Guardian weapon to 54 but I only made it to 48 darn it!

But the question on everyone's lips is when is the new raid coming out?

7.2 does not mean Tomb of Sargeras is upon us. In fact, there is a whole bunch of storyline on the Broken Isles that needs to be done before the Tomb can be opened. Aza said that it would be 11 weeks, like the weekly campaign we had to get Nighthold open. I can see that being true - because you can fit another arena season into that time. When Tomb of Sargeras opens, there should be another arena season again.

So that's another 11 weeks of Nighthold. If we are not doing Mythic, then what are we doing?

I had thought that it would be nice to get guildies their AotC and bring one a week. And also if we were doing that, to bring 2 geared alts per raid for those who were interested in main switching for the next tier.


We did Gul'dan last night and it was TERRIBLE! We wiped so many times and everyone was whispering me saying that there were too many people in the raid. We had 24 people when we normally have 20-21. That extra person triggered an extra eye which you wouldn't think made that much difference but somehow it did. Also, I needed Ultra to do calls because I am no good at calling out DPS stuff, but it was so much better when he got online.

After that, the confidence in being able to bring one carry non heroic raider with 2 alts was really bad. But if we roster it perhaps I can work it out, depending on who is attending.

There are tons of things to look forward to in patch!
  • Mythic plus changes. Not only are there some fun new affixes to try, they have made some changes that benefit me specifically - such as giving more AP for long dungeons like HoV! Halls of Valour is my favourite instance and I will always be up for that as a mythic plus (and having done it as a +18 Tyrannical I can honestly say SEE I DO LIKE IT). Difficulty of M+ is also being ramped up (the new +10 will be like a +15), and I didn't know that even doing just a 10 this week would award me the 905+ loot from the cache the next day (why did I bother doing a +17 then???). So after raid last night I pretty much dragged every heroic raider online to get their +10 done (coughs at Sev, Eurie, Sars, Koda, Gen) between two groups and now everyone will have some nice shiny from their cache.
  • Legendaries are getting tweaked! My favourite boomkin boots, Promise of Elune, the moon Goddess, are getting a buff. They were the lamest legendary for boomkin but now they also increase damage from solar wrath and lunar strike which makes them a little less lame. Still good for M+ though! Also, the resto boots, Essence of Infusion, Tranquility will heal targest below 60% for 60% more, which is better than the 50% and good for fights where everyone's health is low. Sephuz's Secret is now also going to have increased haste and movement speed (instead of being triggered by dispels and interrupts) and these bonus will be 70% movement speed and 25% haste when triggered. Guess I'll be using it as standard for all my M+ now!
  • Armies of Legionfall reputation and quests - much like Tanaan Jungle in Draenor, you have to get revered reputation to unlock your flying, but there will be questing, world quests to do and rares and heaps of catchup opportunities for those who joined the expansion late. There will be grinding to do there (plus a whole slew of new achievements to do, I think!) I was hoping that it would be more like the opening of Ahn Qiraj where we collect resources to open the tomb... but I don't think we'll have another event like that again!
  • A new AP grind - more research and more things to dump into our artifact - that will be interesting. I wonder how much of a head start I'll get on my AP? Not much if catch-up mechanics have anything to say about it! Though I should have been saving my emissary caches to open after Wednesday so I can get more AP out of research. Though does it REALLY matter? Not really, at the rate I farm AP!
  • New Dungeon! More M+ dungeons including upper and lower Kara as well as the new Cathedral of Night.  Adds a bit of variety! Man I would hate to do all that opera trash on Fortified....
  • Pet battle dungeon YAY! I am looking forward to checking that out. Hopefully it won't be as long as the Celestial Tournament (because you can easily spend an hour doing that tournament with bad RNG) and I hope I have time to do that every week.
  • PvP brawls - I hope they turn out to be fun and not lame! Mythic + affixes are fun, and I am hoping these will add some variety. I noticed that they are optional rather than essential so I am worried people will veto them in favour of regular battles, but if they make them rewarding like M+ then I am hoping they will kick off. You know what I think would be a good PvP brawl? Dropping boss level mobs on top of nodes so that gives you something to distract the people guarding the node (and the boss will make the flag tick towards neutral if nobody is there)
Hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am!


  1. I don't know if it is as much as your anticipating the patch, but I'm excited too!
    Yay us!

  2. You have to actually tank to benefit from a guardian weapon!


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