I smell a rat(stallion)!

Hanging out in the sewers is not exactly a piece of cake. Getting eyes down there can be done in a few ways - killing other players, killing bosses that spawn (and the items that spawn cost eyes to buy), fishing pools, opening chests and also by doing the daily that pops up occasionally.

I try to do that daily that gives 150 eyes in the Dalaran Sewers whenever I see it, and I also spend a bit of time fishing. On PvP nights whilst waiting for battlegrounds I would hang out with Sev and Shab and kill people (or I'd see Exray down there and he'd smash people) but it's a slow process.

You can't carry more than 5000 eyes at one time, so you might as well spend them buying things that make MORE eyes. Using the wand item on a boss makes them bigger and harder and also makes them drop eyes.

So if you want to get your eyes, go get a bodyguard and go fish, and kill the bosses that spawn. Leave the chest opening unless you want a bullseye on your head.

Anyway, last Friday I finally managed to fish up the last few eyes for my achievement!

And all for this! I love rats and having a ratstallion is just awesome! Ultra had his ages ago and I remember being so envious of it. I do wish the special of it was a rat eating, because that looks so cute.


  1. Whoo hoo ... where is your Giant Sewer Rat pet?


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