First world problems - 6th legendary and still no ring!

No I don't mean Sephuz's secret. I already have THAT ring.

I mean the Tearstone of Elune. I want that ring!

It was funny because the other day I was doing a Mythic plus dungeon and I was worried about Hyrja since it was Tyrannical week and it is a rough fight to heal. Anna, who plays afflock, said she'd be ok because she had Prydaz and jokingly I said "I need that legendary!" and then I said thoughtfully "Actually, I shouldn't have said that, because now I'll get Prydaz instead of the Tearstone."

Well guess what. The next night, I got a Prydaz in a Mythic plus I was running with Kjersten.

It is a rather good legendary anyway, the stats are great. I am starting to give up on these bloody BIS resto druid legendaries anyway.

So now I have a grand total of seven legendaries, and the one I use the most would be the boomkin one because it is so pathetic for boomkin that I use it for healing Mythic plus. I routinely use the bracers, Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya, with Sephuz's secret for fights where I have to dispel stuff (like Botanist). I have been using the crappy tranquility boots in Gul'dan for Black harvest at the end because we always seem to be hovering at really low health then, even though that legendary is a really lame one.

Prydaz is also really good for tanking! I now use it with Ekowraith, Defender of Worlds. I think I might use it for boomy too.

However, that makes me wonder if I should keep trying for resto druid legendaries. I still have 2 crappy ones I can get, and two good ones.That's a 50% chance of my next legendary being a good one.

However according to that "killpoints" site that everyone was using to see when their next legendary was coming, I am way ahead!

According to the "formula" I should have 4 legendaries. Well, I guess I'm just lucky then to be statistically ahead of the curve wtih my 6!

So I should stop my whinging and be happy.