Boomy and Resto weapons at 54 - now onto Bear!

I am a bit of a troll - I love to tease my guildies who are not so conscientious with their AP farming about what I am up to.

A few days ago I hit 54 traits on my Boomkin weapon. My resto weapon is already at 54, and I was trying to help my Boomy along because I am super lame DPS and I needed all the help I could get. I set myself an internal goal of trying to "lap" Sev on his weapon, because that lazy warlock only plays one spec (affliction) and I was trying to overtake him with my offspec weapon.

It's not really much of a competition when the other person isn't playing or competing. But it's fun to set some mini goals for myself - it makes it easier to achieve things.

Anyway it didn't turn out to be much of a competition. That lazy bum is still not fully maxed on his weapon (though he almost is) and I've already finished and am now starting my bear weapon. I needed a new goal.

Jartran (who plays a boomkin Goodgravy, and because that toon was the first one he put in the guild, I call him Gravy) has decided his mage is his main, and my new goal is to lap him with my bear weapon when he hasn't even finished his main weapon to 54 traits. I think he was at 44 or something. My bear weapon was at 35, so I told him that I was aiming to hit 54 traits before he hit it. He wailed saying that I was going to beat him, and he is probably right.

Crooked asked me a few weeks ago how I got so much AP. He said that he plays just as much WoW as me, he does all the world quests and he is less than half of what I have.

I told him that it was from doing mythic plus dungeons, and PvP. You may not think that PvP gives you much but, after you Prestige, every 4 or 5 honour levels you get 125k AP. That's over a million AP from each Prestige. And I am now Prestige 7, so that's 6 million extra AP that I got from just PvP honour talents. That doesn't include the AP you get from BG wins and arena wins.

Also, I don't have alts. Heaps of people have alts and play those, so all that playtime could have gone into AP farming.

For now I am relaxing on the AP farming. I don't really care about maxing out my bear weapon, since I am not that good a bear tank. I only do LFR, heroic dungeons and guildie mythic dungeons on it, being too scared to do anything more than that. But I do wonder, will I be able to max my bear weapon before 7.2 hits? We'll see! I hope not, because I don't want to start putting AP into my cat weapon....


  1. lol, yes you do! You'll have max cat fever.

  2. You are insane.. you know that right?!

    ps: I made a blog! You inspired me <3


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