You can mount me in Flight Form in 7.2!!!

Here is the first of the exciting news about the druid flight form. I must admit that because of the ugly Lunarwing form I hadn't been very excited about the form.  However, this second thing from Muffinus was super exciting!!

That has got to be the most exciting thing! People riding me in stag form is cool already, and that being carried over to flight form? AWESOME! I guess that means that my Sandstone drake will be made obsolete with my new flight form in Legion!


  1. You know, I had to read that title a few times to make sure it said what I thought it said. (It didn't but it sure read that way.)

    1. Is that a dirty minded comment Redbeard... :P

    2. Let's just say I was watching late night television before I read your post.

      And in my defense, I have at least one kid in middle school and two in high school.

    3. Yes, that means I'm used to that sort of bathroom humor.

      (Sees kids watching television when they should be studying) "Get off the boob tube!"

      "Heh heh heh.... He said 'boob'...."


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