RAOK - Balance of power Quest

One act of kindness won't change the world, but it may change one person's world. - Unknown

I was standing in Orgrimmar and a shaman standing next to me randomly asked me "Have you finished the Balance of Power quest?"

People would only ask that question if they were looking for the hidden appearance. I said that I had, and the shaman said that they had it on their druid and didn't know how to finish it.

I asked them to whisper me what part of the quest chain they were on - it would be listed under Artifact Weapon or class hall. I also mentioned to them that the Balance of Power quest chain is VERY long, involving multiple raid instances and dungeons. The Shaman said they would have to log over to their druid to check, and I asked for their druid's name and they told me. I tried searching on the armoury for that name but couldn't find it - I suspected there was a funny letter in the name because the shaman had a funny letter in their name.

Time went by and I couldn't find that druid. I tried looking them up on WoWProgress to look for alts but no success. I thought maybe I could find them in the class hall.

Lo and behold, when I went to the class hall, I saw someone of that name (with a funny letter) run past me. I whispered them and said "Is that you?"

It was, and they told me they had forgotten my name so couldn't whisper me. But, now that they had found me they told me which part of the quest they were on, which was A Vainglorious Past.

I had to sadly inform them that they were only up to the 3rd part of the quest! There is a great post in the Wowhead comments about the Balance of Power chain, and it lists each step of the way. There were 21 steps in the chain according to Foxiesfury, the author of the comment, and I sent a link to the druid/shaman detailing the steps.

They were a bit sad that it would be so long before they completed the chain, but I just encouraged them - after all, the expansion isn't over yet!

A big wave and a big thank you and they were off. That was a nice random encounter!