Raiding with Leashes IV - I cheated and bought them...

I'll tell you, that Drudge Ghoul is expensive. I decided to be lazy and just buy it.

Big thanks to Jaz and Tacky who gave me the majority of those pets.

So off I went to go fight with Algalon. Fortunately he was outside Ulduar, not inside, so I just had to fly over there and battle.


I could not do that fight, and I didn't persist for hours but only just under 2 hours. And the solution was so simple it just did not occur to me, and I wish I'd thought of that, maybe I would have been successful!

All 3 of Algalon's pets are boss pets and take half damage. They are all pretty - a celestial dragon, a celestial bunny and a celestial hippo. The dragon is a dragon type, and the other two are magic types.

I was trying to figure out how to take out that bloody hippo. It has Wish (and uses it on cooldown), AND it's magic AND it has that boss buff so it takes half damage. How do I beat the bloody thing! I can't outheal it, Darkness and half healing doesn't keep it's health low enough, I can't heal myself enough against it's attacks... ugh. I was at a loss.

What I SHOULD have been looking at, was using the Apocalypse to my advantage! And that was the key to winning this encounter.

Quintessence had a fantastic strat - using Macabre Marionette, Emerald Proto-whelp and Infested Bear Cub. My Bear cub was not levelled so I quickly levelled it.

Needless to say that did the trick. A great strat!