Raiding - Must you leave so soon, Grand Magistrix?

Monday rolled around and I was wondering what we were going to do about Elisande. Splatz had messaged me saying that we had to lust in the beginning phase because we could get 2 lusts in. I had already decided that we would take 20 people only and we had exactly 20 people for raid, with stragglers.

Lusting early helped and everyone was practicing dodging the arcanetic rings and we even got the hang of the wonky ring where the bubbles sucked to Elisande and we had to slide in the gap between her and the slow bubble and then run back again to avoid the 2nd arcanetic ring. I also failed to realise that everything we did in first phase was mirrored in the other phases and that seemed to make a big difference.

There were some things we did that made life easier. Soaking the pools was not an ESSENTIAL thing, not compared to orb catching. We decided only to soak and shrink a pool when it was right next to the slow bubble so we had room to stand so that saved a bit of mana. I also did a lot of orb catching - it hardly hurts in bear form - and healed other soakers too. I changed to some mana saving talents but I think I can go back to my normal talents now that I've got the hang of the fight.

Delphuric beams shooting all over the place was damned annoying and I tried to get people to face them to the wall instead of through people but trying to keep the boss still whilst at the same time running for the slow add caused a bit of mayhem.

And we progressed solidly through the night, pushing Elisande through each phase. There was a nerf to her health so perhaps that made it a bit easier. And then there we were in Phase 3! OMG we were doing it!

Everyone was thrilled to get that down. Just Gul'dan to go now, so I am expecting to work on that for a fair while! Good work Frostwolves! And don't you just love whoever fired off that Love rocket when I was taking a pic. Cute :P


  1. I never said we could get two lusts in, I said we'd get less Arcenetic rings to echo throughout the phases... >.<

    GJ Frostwolves!


  2. >And don't you just love whoever fired off that Love rocket when I was taking a pic. Cute :P

    YW ;)

    1. Bromelior - completely hides the fact that I'm facing the complete opposite direction in the photo. Topbloke/10


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