Raiding - It's not the same, but it's still good

The outpouring of support and offers of assistance for the raid this week was phenomenal. Ultra offered to do calls, if I did the quick explanations. I had Ram doing the healing strats, and I told HK to communicate well with Splatz as he had offered to tank.

Wednesday was actually really good. We were a bit sloppy after not raiding for a week, but we managed to get the first 3 bosses down. To be honest I was surprised we were back to what we had done from our first raid week! After that we were clearing to Aluriel and Dil said "Why don't we do Krosus? He's easier!"

So we spent the rest of Wednesday night wiping on Krosus. Just needed tidying up catching swirls and the tanks needed to stand in the fist smashes. It was a good start, but there was understandably a lot of people thinking about Xyn.

Thursday rolled around and back we went to Krosus and we made steady improvement - we paced our cooldowns better, we concentrated on the back swirlies since the front and middle ones could be gotten by melee and ranged and we had people not doubling up with calls, with someone telling melee to move out as well as someone telling us right or left... and we killed it right on enrage! The bridge smashed and we were all dead but so was Krosus and the loot window had popped up! How are we going to get loot if there is no bridge to stand on to loot the chest!

Fortunately, after we ran back the bridge had reformed so we could take a picture of the chest.

There was one moment in one of our attempts when I displacered off the bridge and died, trying to get to the back of the bridge for swirlies. That was embarrassing.

After Krosus we went back to Spellblade Aluriel. The last time we came on heroic we were tidying it up a bit and it went much better today. Frost and fire were good and we just had to keep moving with arcane so once everyone did that, it actually fell together very nicely and everyone was pleased with how the team worked well together and did their part! Well, I can't speak for everyone but it really did feel like everyone was working together for the kill and it was really satisfying.

I was still carrying around some heavy heartedness from some sad news I had gotten earlier but being with the guild with those who still wanted to be Frostwolves swept all those dark thoughts away. Raiding is different and I understand that people are disappointed it won't be the same without Xyn. No, it won't be the same, but it doesn't mean it will be worse. Things change and evolve, just like everything in nature, as life goes on. If he could see us now, he'd be happy. And I know that he would be missing us too.

Good work, Frostwolves!