Raiding - Hmm, Elisande will need some work

Wednesdays are always exciting days to me. There is raid happening, we get to open our mythic caches, and see what our mythic + key for the week is!

Wednesday raid was good with 7 bosses going down. There was some initial irritation at wiping on Trilliax but I think people were concerned that we had too many "new" people when in fact we only had one and the next attempt was fine after we reinforced the "eat cake" to everyone.

We finished the raid 20 mins early because it would take too long to clear Botanist trash and we picked up at Botanist on Thursday.

We got Botanist down and then headed to Elisande. It felt like last time we were a bit better but we had a smaller raid and this time many people were dying. We also weren't maximising our haste buffs and focussing the adds to kill them fast enough. Once we did that we did better and at least got into the next phase where we can do that all over again plus more. Not sure how I am supposed to deal with mana though. It will get better as time goes on and people learn the fight and don't do stupid things.

I was criticised for increasing one healer so we could learn the fight better, with people saying that people will never learn mechanics if we cush them through it. I disagree. Having more healers helps you see more the fight and allows people to opportunity to learn it because you're not to get the opportunity to learn it when you're dead. As people learn and get their rhythms of where to position, when to use cooldowns, as well as catch all the mechanics, it gets better. At the moment everyone seems to be focussing on doing as much DPS as possible even though there is a lot of mechanics that need to be done well also. It is also amusing to see everyone NOT wanting to get the slow debuff for fear it will gimp their DPS, which of course it will, but I think as time goes on we will see improvement with that.

What I do think is that we should stick to 4 healers. I made Erve heal but I don't think that's a good idea in the long run because he needs to know how to DPS that boss. Probably will limit the raid size to 19-20 with 4 healers so that we don't overstretch ourselves, and see how we go from there. I don't particularly like this non-inclusiveness to all heroic ready raiders, but I do realise that it's pointless to beat our heads making something harder.

Well, I'll see how it goes on Monday.