Raiding - A good Sunday and an even better Monday

Turnouts are still outrageously crazy on Sundays, with the raid full 5 mins before raid time. Quite a few people missed out this time!

However, the fights went pretty smoothly since we had done it before, and we managed to knock out 9/10 normal bosses with our casual players which was really good! We also got to LOOK at Gul'dan so if we can get that done quickly we might be able to do a full clear on Sundays. However, we are also almost at the ability to skip bosses so we might end up starting on Gul'dan and then going back and picking and choosing bosses to do.

On Monday we went to finish of Gul'dan and then we decided to go do Tichondrius. I was in a bit of a flap because I hadn't read up on it so it took me a few minutes to get myself up to speed. The extra thing I had to worry about was Brand of Argus which 2 people get and it explodes when 6 people get into the circle, and does a fair bit of damage. I missed a few times the calls for that but as I got used to it, it got easier.

And I do love the "night" phase where they kill bats and we get to pick up purple orbs for mana regen. You can just spam heals forever and not have mana issues as long as you pick up one!

We worked on that all evening and in the last few minutes before the end of the raid we got the boss. Wewt!

Nice work Frostwolves! I think there were 3 people alive at the end of that fight - certainly a lot better than the Krosus fight where we all died at the same time as the boss....

Overall, this week has been better than I thought it would. Everyone has been contributing, helping out and being patient, and I feel like the heroic raid team is finally pulling together to work as a team. Did it have to take Xyn dying for that to happen? I would like to think that it would have come around on it's own, but I think his loss has made the guild at least be more supportive to each other (and to me) which has created this better team feeling. If it continues like this, I think raids will be much more enjoyable. The casual raid has also been really popular and I've felt that everyone has been enjoying it.

Over the past week and a bit there were other changes too - not unexpected as people grieve and start looking at what they want from the game. Two members have decided to look for raiding elsewhere, and one other has decided to change from DPS to Tank, which I have to figure out where to accommodate as Splatz is doing an ace job with tanking at the moment. For now I plan to slot the new tank in on Sundays, and to DPS for main raids, so we'll see how that goes. The concern is that if they do want to tank and not given the opportunity, they may leave which I would be sad to see another guildie go but people should be allowed to do what they want to do and I won't hold them back.

Looking forward to a new week and wondering what crap I might get out of my cache this week! Hope everyone has good luck from their Mythic cache this week!